About Us

Established in July 2015, T.J.’s All Around Cleaning, LLC started as a family-owned and operated window cleaning service, as my wife and I decided to use our experience, innovation, and drive to our advantage and opened our own company. Today, we continue living the American Dream, and we’re proud to offer a variety of cleaning services. With hard work, quality service, and impressed clients, we have steadily increased our business each year.

Meet the Owners: Thomas & Teresa Lacy

Thomas Lacy is COO and co-owner of T.J.’s All Around Cleaning. Thomas was born in Tampa, Florida, and has been working in the window cleaning industry since he was 18 years old. His first boss had extremely high expectations of how to do things right, and from this, Thomas learned no other way to do the work. The bar is always set high, and his drive to surpass that for each client motivates him every day. Thomas has over two decades worth of experience cleaning commercial and residential properties. He has been trained in all sorts of window cleaning, including bosun chair drops, boom lifts, stages, and more. All that training with all the knowledge of safety codes and regulations from OSHA, combined with his attention to detail and pride in his work, and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the results!

Teresa Lacy is CEO and co-owner of T.J.’s All Around Cleaning. Teresa was born in Portugal and became a United States Citizen in 1999. She has been raised in Florida her whole life, and is a mother to 3 beautiful and amazing children. Teresa has managed the marketing efforts of several companies, as well as maintaining the financial accounts of a small business. She has made a career out of customer service and thoroughly enjoys bringing a smile to each customer’s face with a job well done.

Together, Thomas and Teresa run T.J.’s All Around Cleaning to provide the best service available in all of Florida at an excellent price. Our family unity strengthens our business ventures by giving our customers the personal touch they crave, the detailed service they need, and the professionalism they expect.  You can be assured that at the end of the day, your property will shine as bright as your smile.